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In addition to generators, we also package a variety of gasoline, propane, natural gas and diesel powered pump and irrigation power units.  This pump and irrigation power section is as as yet incomplete; we will add more data as we get the chance.

Photos of several of our Ford packages are shown below; we love those "TRUCKLOAD" orders !

We also build Isuzu powered units and will add some additional photos from our archives when we get a chance !

All of these packages are assembled to special order; call 1-800-49-POWER for a quote for your application.

  •  A truckload of Isuzu 3KC1 pump power units:

  • Sample 300 CID (CSG 649) Irrigation power unit:


  • A truckload of 460 CID (LSG 875) irrigation power units as they exit our Fresno facility on the way to the end user !

  • This page last revised on December 27, 2000

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    All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    All sales are FOB our Sacramento, CA fabrication facility
    and are subject to prior payment arrangements.

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