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Many manufacturers use Ford engines to power their generators. All of Ford's current industrial engines support dry fuel applications (e.g., natural gas or propane). We build a relatively small number of custom units for customers who want a simple and rugged unit that is either: (a) less complicated than those offered by the "national" manufactures, or (b) special in some way that is difficult for the bigger fellows to manufacturer in small quantities.

Currently, we use five of the six Ford engines shown.  The Ford ESG 642 and WSG 1068 are new engine models, and we have not yet put together a generator using the ESG 642 (although several other Ford users have).  The main Ford Power Products web site has a table of summary data on each engine, and, if you click on the engine model links shown below, your browser should link you to additional basic product data on each engine from the Powertech Engines Inc. website.

VSG 413     LRG 425        ESG 642     CSG 649     LSG 875     WSG 1068
At the present time, most of our production is DIESEL powered, as that is where we seem to be experiencing the most demand, and we are somewhat capacity limited.  Gasoline, natural gas, and propane powered units are being quoted as "special order" items.  There are other reasons --see also Question #6 in our FAQ section.  The shop has a (regrettable) tendency to ship these "specials" before they take a photo or two, so photos are in short supply!  Lead times are usually not a big issue  -- the engines and generators we use are usually available from stock, so the shop schedule usually controls delivery times.  Call or e-mail us at if you are interested in more details or special options for one or more of the units outlined below.

  •  Model 10P:  Ford VSG 413
  • Ford's new V10 engine makes an excellent generator prime mover.  This is the engine currently used in some of Ford's larger trucks and SUVs.  A photo of one of our Irrigation power units (with a lot of optional equipment installed) is shown on our Pump & Irrigation Pump page so you can see what the engine itself looks like.  Other photos of this engine can be seen on the Powertech Engines Inc. web site at  This page also has a .pdf file link to the preliminary Ford engine data sheet.
  • Preliminary generator load bank tests using propane fuel indicate three phase power ratings of 85 kW (standby) and 72 kW (prime).  Click here to see a copy of the preliminary data sheet for our Model 85P.
  • The combination of the V10 configuration and a heavy generator end helps insure that the WSG 1068 generator package is one of the very SMOOTHEST packages that we have ever tested -- it purrs !
  • A photo of one version of this package can be seen in the combination photo below; the V10 powered generator is the second up from the lower edge of the photo on the right side of the picture.  Some additional photos of a custom built version of our Model 85P can be seen at
  • This web page last revised on February 7, 2001

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